Treaty 4 Models

LET THEM PLAY is a tribute to any child of any nationality who was unable to play due to unjust negligence. We honor you and you are now free, Time To Play

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My name is Tracey Grienke... 

and I'm a treaty 4 member of the peepeekisis reserve in Saskatchewan. I don't reside on the reserve and was raised in Alberta so I don't know much about my Indigenous culture due to residential schools. I have taken it upon myself to learn about my Indigenous roots through courses on Aboriginal studies and reading books on the culture and talking to elders. I have learned that we were once a very proud, self-sufficient culture with great values until the Canadian government took over and ruined a whole culture and lives for many generations.

I started LET THEM PLAY apparel to help reeducate people on the Indigenous culture and each clothing item is full of  Indigenous symbols. Each t-shirt comes with a card explaining what the symbols mean. My hope with these t-shirts is to help educate people about Indigenous culture even if it takes one t-shirt at a time.

LTP supports the Stardale Women's Group

For over 25 years, Stardale Women’s Group has empowered the lives of Indigenous girls, strengthened their families, and inspired communities to engage in the core values of reconciliation. They offer programs and services to Indigenous young women and girls in overcoming systemic barriers.

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